Josh Molden

Josh was diagnosed with Leukemia the second week of his senior year of high school.

When he didn’t go into remission after 5 months of chemo, it was decided he needed a bone marrow transplant which was done March 31, 2017. During his recovery, he spent 60 out of 100 days in the hospital although he was released in time to attend his high school graduation. While waiting for his immune system to recover, he is unable to start college at NDSU and is spending the year at home healing. Josh is currently considered Leukemia free and 100% donor which means the transplant was a success. He has enjoyed deer hunting for many years and jumped at the opportunity to hunt in Canada. Josh and his father Chad hunted with us the first week of November in 2017. Josh harvested a nice 4×4 on his second day of hunting with us! ,Josh’s hunt can be seen on the attached link to YouTube.

Bucket List Lodge wishes Josh and his family the very best!