Josh Peterson

Josh was the happiest kiddo a parent could ask for. He loved dogs,
fishing, all things outdoors and made friends everywhere he went. He
loved learning about history, figuring out how things worked, and
engaged in the most intellectual conversations about world affairs,
religion, and politics. Just after Josh turned 5 years old, he lost
vision in his left eye and the doctors found a brain tumor that they
were not able to remove. He spent the next 8 years enduring chemotherapy
and many setbacks with his physical abilities. He didn’t let any of
that hold him back though. Josh played team sports as long as his body
would let him and then figured out that golf and fishing were the best
options for him. He was bright and did very well in school, did all the
extra credit, and was a proud member of student council. He spent as
much time as he could with a fishing pole in his hand and dreamed of the
day he could start hunting with his dad. When Josh was 13 years old, his
brain tumor started to bleed causing a massive stroke. He lost his
vision and function of the left side of his body. After months in rehab,
he learned to walk, eat, and talk but was left with left hemiplegia and
blindness. This life changing experience came with a truck load of
barriers that Josh has been breaking down ever since. He graduated from
high school in 2019 and has been working to get to college all while
learning to do the things he loves, just one handed and blind. He is
always up for trying new things! Josh’s complex medical situation
continues to throw him curve balls but he takes these opportunities to
fight back that much harder. He is grateful for people in this world who
recognize his will to be an outdoorsman and support his efforts in
making check marks on his bucket list.

Max Disher

Hayward, Wisconsin

Max was diagnosed with a rare, very aggressive form of leukemia when he
was ten years old. Upon diagnosis he was not allowed to leave the
hospital. A port for chemotherapy was installed that day, and he began
receiving chemotherapy by that evening. He was quaratined as his immune
system would be destroyed by the chemotherapy in a matter of days. After
4 months and three rounds of chemotherapy Max didn’t gain remission. It
was determined he would need a bone marrow transplant. Thankfully his 12
year old sister Dakota was a perfect match. After more chemotherapy to
kill all of Max’s bone marrow, Dakota’s marrow was deposited on Halloween
day. By Christmas Max was allowed to go home and was well on his way to
recovery. Max is now attending college at the University of Wisconsin

Max and his dad Ken hunted at Bucketlist Lodge exactly ten years after his
diagnosis. Max harvested a very nice ten point buck on the 3rd full day
of his hunt. The crew at Bucketlist Lodge would like to wish Max and his
family the very best! Bucketlist Lodge would like to thank Hope Kids for
helping us find great people like Max and Ken Disher! We would also like
to thank our local farmers that grant us permission to hunt on their

Josh Molden

Josh was diagnosed with Leukemia the second week of his senior year of high school.

When he didn’t go into remission after 5 months of chemo, it was decided he needed a bone marrow transplant which was done March 31, 2017. During his recovery, he spent 60 out of 100 days in the hospital although he was released in time to attend his high school graduation. While waiting for his immune system to recover, he is unable to start college at NDSU and is spending the year at home healing. Josh is currently considered Leukemia free and 100% donor which means the transplant was a success. He has enjoyed deer hunting for many years and jumped at the opportunity to hunt in Canada. Josh and his father Chad hunted with us the first week of November in 2017. Josh harvested a nice 4×4 on his second day of hunting with us! ,Josh’s hunt can be seen on the attached link to YouTube.

Bucket List Lodge wishes Josh and his family the very best!

Zack Eder

Our 2016 recipient was Zack Eder from Minnesota. Zack is a 16 year old that has been battling cancer for most of his teenage years. Zack and his father Randy found some time between Chemotherapy treatments to join us for a deer hunt. We only had a few days before Zack had to get back home but on his final day Zack harvested a beautiful 4×4. It was a magical day for all the guys in camp when Zack got his deer. Bucketlist Lodge would like to wish Zack and his family all the best in his fight. We truly enjoyed having Zack and Randy in camp.

Bucketlist Lodge would like to thank the local Kelvington farmers for allowing us the opportunity to hunt their land. A huge “Thank you” to Joe Pierson who made it his mission to get Zack a buck. Also, thank you to Kent Ringheim of Wilderness Taxidermy in Melfort for mounting Zack’s deer (it looks awesome).